UltraTrail FX.One

R 4,199.00

Trail Running Redefined with Unparalleled Support

Elevate Your Run with Ultratrail FX.One

Meet the Ultratrail FX.One, your essential trail running race companion. Featuring the trail-specific Trail Shark grip-strap system, it boasts a 30% lighter grip weight compared to traditional Shark systems. The Shark Frame Strap Mesh ensures a glove-like fit, transferring power directly to the pole's center. The sleek Shark mandrel design allows for effortless strap attachment and detachment, even with eyes closed. Additional grip options, including a nose on the grip and a grip extension, provide versatility and comfort. With a compact packing size of 36 cm and a weight of 182 g at a 120 cm length, the Ultratrail FX.One is your steadfast support for every kilometer.