Nnormal - Race Vest 5L

R 2,899.00


Step into the realm of peak performance with our Race Vest, a synthesis of functionality, aesthetics, and exceptional fit. This high-performance hydration vest, presented in classic black, is a product of collaborative innovation, designed to meet the diverse needs of runners across all terrains and conditions. It comes equipped with two flasks for optimal hydration and a plethora of pockets, ensuring everything you need is within easy reach. Its lightweight, streamlined build allows you to move freely, focusing solely on the path ahead, embracing the ethos of leaving no trace, just the memories of your journey.



  • Minimal Bounce: Designed in collaboration with athletes for a snug, comfortable fit that prevents bouncing and chafing, even in tough terrain.
  • Maximum Functionality: Equipped with two 500ml reinforced flask pockets, a waterproof back pocket for valuables or dry clothes, a large front pocket, a small open pocket with a whistle, easy cord-tightening, and pole attachments – this vest is ready for any adventure.