FiveFingers KMD EVO - Mens

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The new KMD EVO defies gravity (and conventional wisdom), allowing athletes extraordinary freedom for dynamic movement both in the air and on the ground. For fitness fanatics without boundaries, the KMD EVO transcends traditional sport, making it the ideal leaping, climbing, balancing shoe for those seeking a minimal shoe experience with maximum flight potential.

Incorporating a seemless knitted upper that hugs the foot and breathes well, the KMD EVO is the pinnacle of our footwear range. A maximum sole thickness of 11.8mm, and a Mega Grip Outsole, the KMD EVO takes your fitness to new heights. 

Whether you are a championship winning Body Builder or a world beating Parkour athlete, the KMD EVO is the shoe of choice for you. 

Machine washable, Air Dry.