Escalante Racer Boston 20 Mens

R 1,899.00 R 2,499.00

While the Boston Marathon in 2020 has been converted into a virtual marathon – there is nothing virtual about the Altra Escalante Racer Boston 2020 edition. The Racer is the firmer, faster and more lightweight version of the much loved Escalante. It is available for a limited time around the time of the marathon it has been named after – so don’t waste time. The upper is firmer, more breathable and has a lighter heel counter for optimum cornering and comfort on the race course. The 22mm stack on the Altra EGO™ midsole is also a touch firmer so you have better energy return and a little less cush.


Race-tuned Altra EGO™ with InnerFlex™


Altra FootPod™ Technology


Engineered Knit