Altra Superior 4.0

One user described this shoe as "If your favourite bedroom slipper could turn into Wolverine". 

This is a vastly SUPERIOR upgrade on its hugely popular previous model. Fans of the Superior will be happy to see the improvements in the upper, which was a weak area on previous models. A snug fitting and seamless construction upper that drains well and has a sock-like and breathable fit around the foot adds a sense of comfort and calm before you take on the mountain. The outsole maintains its popular design pattern that generates as much traction and grip as a gecko on steroids. 

If you enjoy a flexible, lightly cushioned trail shoe that is ideally suited to trail runners looking for a fast racing shoe, then this is it. Whilst some runners will enjoy it for the long 100mile races, this is not what the shoe is designed for. It's either ideal to be used in your rotation as your race shoe, or alternatively for the trail runners who enjoy the feel of a lightweight zero-drop shoe and want to run anything up to a 30km.